American Made Botox® Vs. Foreign Brands

There’s a common misconception that Botox® in the United States is the same as Botox® in other countries, but that isn’t necessarily true. While international brands of Botox® or neurotransmitters may have the same goal as the domestic brands, they may be different from Allergan produced Botox® made in the United States in numerous consequential ways.

It may seem more fiscally wise initially to opt for a cheaper brand of Botox® sourced from outside the United States—but what are the consequences? Usually, lower quality. These different brands of Botox®, especially the knockoff brands, may not have the same results as U.S. brands. So though you may think you are saving money, you may be receiving a counter-produced medicine and may not receive the results you were hoping for.

One thing that makes American made Botox® safe to use is that it is FDA approved. The FDA strategically and thoroughly examines products before they are released on the market. They note side effects, possible risks—such as if you’re pregnant or expecting to become pregnant during the time of use—and who should and shouldn’t receive the treatment. The FDA also requires labels to show ingredients. When opting for neurotransmitters like Botox® purchased from international markets, you might not know the risks, side effects, eligibility, and ingredients of the product, putting you and your health at risk.

Because many other countries have fewer and more lenient regulations on Botox®, many suspicious and potentially harmful ingredients can be used, putting you at risk for rashes, infections, and even permanent disfigurement. It’s easy to think these risks are dramatized and that the chances of them happening to you are low, but this isn’t necessarily true. For example, two women who live in England underwent procedures done by someone posing as a doctor who used fake Botox® on them, and the end results were far from what they had hoped. Both women had severe reactions to the solution and their faces swelled up and aged considerably. One woman remarked that she looked much older than before while another said her new face looked like a hamster. One also had trouble eating, smiling, and changing her expression afterward. If you choose to get Botox®, it’s important to go with a doctor you can trust who is using American made Botox® that follows safety regulations.

Another thing that can differ between American made Botox® and international brands is that doctors in the United States using foreign brands may actually be breaking the law. This is because the Botox® could have a) been obtained illegally, b) not been approved by the FDA resulting in harmful side effects, and c) been a knockoff brand resulting in the significant errors of the previous examples.

There’s a sort of stigma that comes with using Bo

tox®, but much of the stigma comes from either false notion or the results of a faulty Botox® brand. If you’re interested in using Botox®, you want to go to a doctor you can trust who uses brands that you can count on. At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso, we use trustworthy brands with the holographic seal that is sent directly from the Allergan company who makes the Botox® neurotransmitter in the United States of America. You will receive the care, products, and treatments you deserve. Call today!