Dermal Fillers


A plethora of injectable products has dramatically influenced physicians ability to provide nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. The use of the fillers is both an art and science and Dr. Peter Herman and Dr. Karen Herman have had vast training, experience and knowledge about the biological, chemical and aesthetic potential of these agents. The fillers allow for volume replacement at areas of wrinkles, folds, scars and depressions. With the understanding of implantation techniques, these physicians are able to address soft-tissue augmentation, lip enhancement and facial contouring in order to provide a high degree of patient satisfaction.

At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso we use a variety of fillers to tailor to individual needs and expectations. They are all considered biologically degradable, hypoallergenic and do not require skin testing. We carry hyaluronic acid fillers, calcium-based fillers and injectable poly-L-lactic acid fillers to refill volume, contour curves and facial structures, and stimulate further collagen growth.

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