Botox Treatment In El Paso

What if we said you don’t have to accept the signs of aging? If aging has caused frown lines and other facial wrinkles, we have the solution you are looking for. Botox® injections can smooth out your wrinkles and give you a more youthful look. The results are almost immediate with little to no recovery time.

What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Botox® is the trade name of Botulinum Toxin Type A, a purified protein produced by the bacterium Clostridum botulinum. The FDA approved it for use as a cosmetic treatment in the early 1990’s, which is great news. The FDA also approved its use for medical reasons in the following years. Dermatologists use it to treat frown lines and reduce or temporarily eliminate the appearance of other facial wrinkles. Other areas that dermatologists cosmetically treat are around the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead (frown and worry lines), nasal bridge (bunny lines), surrounding the mouth (vertical lip lines) and neck.

Botox® works by blocking nerve impulses, thus weakening the muscles of facial expression which are located beneath the immediate surface of the facial skin. Once the resting tone of these muscles are weakened, the muscles relax and the skin flattens out. This treatment option provides an approach to treating the aging face or prolonging the changes that time and stress play on the skin’s appearance. Dermal fillers work by filling in a fold or wrinkle, or by contouring areas of volume loss. A botox injection, on the other hand, physiologically weakens the muscles, removing the wrinkles naturally and giving the skin a rejuvenated look.

Various Applications For Botox

Dynamic Wrinkles

Wrinkles caused by muscle movements during facial expression, especially those around the eyes, are very treatable. BOTOX® injections weaken squinting muscles in the face. Dermatologists are able to diminish crow’s feet as well as other lines around the eyes.


Different facial expressions like laughing, frowning, and smiling can cause permanent wrinkling of the brow. Treating lines between the brows can dramatically soften a person’s face. Men often benefit from removing the deep furrow between the eyes. Many appreciate the benefits of Botox as opposed to a brow lift or other more invasive procedures.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are notorious for giving away a person’s age. Over the years, facial expressions leave permanent lines across the forehead. However, the underlying muscles that cause the creases will be weakened, and over time future wrinkles can be prevented.

Jaw Contouring

These injections are even great for face contouring. Botox can be a great non-surgical way to reshape an oversized masseter caused by the muscles in the jaw growing. Many have claimed that these injections reduced the size of their masseter muscles. A soft curved jaw is the result.

Fast And Easy Botox Procedures In El Paso

Many patients continue to use Botox® because they are so pleased with the results. Often, patients see the effects within days of an injection. The results then last up to four months. The muscle action slowly returns and wrinkles gradually reappear. However, repeated injection cause wrinkles and fine lines to diminish as the muscles are trained to relax. A treatment session only takes a few minutes and most patients experience little to no recovery time.

Botox Injections For Other Medical Purposes

Our doctors can also use Botox® to treat excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis. If you deal with this embarrassing predicament, these injections can help. Botox® can help reduce migraine headaches as well.

If you are interested in diminishing the signs of aging, these injections might be perfect for you. Contact us today here at Dermatology & Aesthetics Center of El Paso for a consultation.