Are Laser Treatments Right For Me?

Looking for some powerful anti-aging treatment results? People are missing out on safe and very effective results if they do not consider some specific laser treatments. Those that are skeptical may not even know the technology and benefits that laser dermatology treatments can offer. If you are among the weary, but you’re interested, Trinti Plus treatments are a great place to start. At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso, we offer quick and easy skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and skin resurfacing.

First of all, laser treattments offer a beneficial and advantageous alternative to invasive plastic surgery. Many patients return to full activity the day after treatment, with little recovery time. Trinti Plus is a wonderful laser treatment for anyone who wants to get the most valuable laser options, because it offers three facial treatments in one session. You can experience a more comprehensive laser treatment approach and obtain enhanced results and a youthful glow in a single session!

The technology used in each Trinti Plus treatment is extremely impressive. It allows people to experience color correction, contouring, and wrinkle and texture improvement. The treatment applies bi-polar radiofrequency and light energies to the skin to correct discoloration. The energy also contours the skin in areas like the cheeks, neck and jawline. Not only that, the energy is also applied to the skin in a matrix that treats lines and uneven texture. The healthy skin around the spots, created by the matrix, will accelerate the healing and growth of smooth youthful skin. When you receive the three treatments in one session, you can see visible results in as early as a week. At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso, we want to provide our patients the convenience of these results all in one appointment, so that you may resume your social schedule as quickly as possible.

Most patients see rapid results, but get continual improvement in the following weeks. The gradual and lasting appearance of results are obvious. Trinti Plus saves time compared to other treatment programs. Depending on the individual, additional sessions may be added. Trinti Plus laser treatments are a great alternative to plastic surgery. If you think skin rejuvenation without an invasive treatment and recovery time is a myth, you are mistaken! Cosmetic and dermatologic laser skin resurfacing improves skin clarity and diminishes imperfections without surgery. The use of this exclusive technology actually helps produce healthier skin and reproduce elasticity lost over time.

If you are looking for that healthy youthful glow you thought you lost, we can help. We even offer special days during the month dedicated to just our cosmetic dermatology patients. You can visit our office and experience little to no wait. A Trinti Plus treatment only takes an hour of your time. Visit or call us today to set up your appointment.