A Hair Removal Trend we Love

Spring is upon us, and gorgeous spring clothing is beginning to pop up on fashion week runways and in our favorite boutiques. Peekaboo shoulders, slit sleeves, and bare legs are all the rage this season, and halter bikinis are very much en vogue. But will all the skin-bearing fashion that is making its way onto the scene, many of us our sheepishly grabbing for our razors. Sure, we shaved over the winter, but we weren’t super…thorough. Hair removal is a hassle, and now we will have to shave on the daily. You win some, you lose some, right?

But before you reach for you shaving cream or schedule a wax, you may want to consider jumping on another one of this spring’s trends: laser hair removal.

Did you know that the average woman spends 72 days shaving her legs in a lifetime? Enough said! You have probably heard of this revolutionary aesthetic treatment – and you may have even tried it at one point or another – but advances in technology have made laser hair removal something to be reckoned with. If you dream of ditching shaving and waxing for good, there are several reasons why laser treatment might be the best alternative for you. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions.

What Does it Do? Laser hair removal is a popular option provided by dermatologists. It works by using a specialized laser that uses the pigment of the hair as a guide to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of the skin and kill hair follicles. This prevents the hair from being able to grow.

Does it Hurt? It hurts a little, but not nearly as bad as waxing. The laser stings slightly, and some patients liken the feeling to a rubber band snapping against the skin. But it only stings for a second as the hair follicle is killed. After you leave the office, you should have little to no pain.

Is it Permanent? Laser hair removal kills current hair follicles, but it is powerless to prevent new follicles from forming. (New follicles can develop because of hormones, shifts in weight, and intense stress.) Accordingly, this procedure is technically a hair reduction technique, and it would be inaccurate to call it 100 percent permanent. Even so, most patients find that maintenance treatments are rarely needed after reaching your target goal- max once a year – and that is about as permanent as hair removal gets!

How Long Does it Take? The procedure time is dependent on the area being treated. A small area, such as the bikini line will take less than ten minutes to complete, while a larger area such as legs or arms might take a half hour. To be completely hair free, dermatologists suggest roughly five to six treatments.

If you are interested in trying out one of the spring’s hottest beauty trends this year, contact the Dermatology and Aesthetic Center of El Paso for a consultation. Ditch the shaving cream and embrace those silky, smooth, hassle free legs you have always dreamed of!