Love your look this valentine’s day

They say that to be loved, you must first love yourself. If you really want to live up to the true meaning of love this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to love your look. At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso, we can help you love your look and celebrate Valentine’s Day to the fullest. Dr. Karen and Dr. Peter Herman can help you enhance the parts of yourself you already love. It is their full intention to help you achieve the best version of yourself, and with some simple and effective dermatology treatments done by the physicians, you can shine with self-confidence.

It is often said that eyes are the first thing we notice about someone. Others call the eyes the windows to the soul. Maybe you have tired-looking eyes and are struggling to improve their appearance. Under eye swelling, wrinkles, or dark circles might be dampening the vivid color of your eyes. With a few non-surgical, non-invasive procedures, we can help you love your look and show that sparkle.

A popular choice is the brow-lift. Dermal fillers are placed near the brow to help lift droopy upper lids, open up the eye, and provide a beautiful arc to the brow. It is a subtle change that makes all the difference. Fortunately, the benefits from this procedure last quite a while. Dermal fillers combined with Botox can also minimize the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles that give the appearance of sadness or fatigue. And, if lines around the eye known as “crow’s feet” make you self-conscious about aging, Botox can minimize these fine lines. All of these procedures are done in the office, take little time and have minimal to no recovery time. We can return the youthful glow to your eyes and have you looking radiant.

Perhaps you love holding hands with that special someone, but discoloration and veins have you feeling self-conscious. The harsh El Paso sun, various daily activities and aging can have their ill-effects on our hands. Dermal fillers, skin lightening treatments with lasers or chemical peels can give your skin a smooth, supple youthful appearance. Dermal fillers will minimize veins by filling in the hollow, crepey look due to muscle wasting and fat loss. Combined with brightening procedures to diminish brown and red spots, your hands will have a stunning presentation of who you are so you grab that special date with confidence.

At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso, we want you to look and feel great. We know the human body isn’t perfect and aging sometimes takes its toll on us. That’s why we offer non-surgical, non-invasive alternatives. We want to help you love your look and step out in style this Valentine’s Day. In a month meant to celebrate love, why not love yourself?! Because when you look great, you feel great!