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Cosmetic Services

At Dermatology & Aesthetic Center of El Paso we offer a variety of aesthetic services to prevent and reduce the signs of aging.  It is our goal to make sure that all clients are well-educated and comfortable with the procedures they have chosen. The type of procedure depends on one's skin type and desired results.  During your consultation, procedures are described in depth and questions are encouraged. Instructions are given at the time of consultation along with the prices for the procedures. Spending this quality time with our clients during their consultation is a top priority.


The following is a list of our most commonly performed procedures:


● Botox Cosmetic

● Chemical Peels

● Dermal Fillers

● Medical Facials

● Microdermabrasions

● Microneedling




Lasers Treatments for:

● Acne

● CO2

● Permanent Hair Reduction

● Vascular Treatment

● Skin Rejuvenation

- Pigment spots

- Rosacea

● Skin Tightening & Texture Toning

● Skin Resurfacing

● Sublative

● Wrinkle and Scar Reduction

● Women's Intimate Wellness

● Trinti Plus

● Body Contouring and Cellulite reduction