Dermatology isn’t Just for Women! Men, It’s For You Too!

Many men may think that grooming and cosmetic dermatology is just for the ladies. Those same men probably spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes getting ready for a night out or a day at work. The truth is, even though skin care has a greater feminine appeal, taking care of that outer layer is vital for men as well.

The skin is a protective layer. It is our barrier against germs entering the body. It is a big part of the immune system and regulates the body’s temperature through sweat glands. It is part of the nervous system alerting your body to sensations, both good and bad. It is indeed considered the body’s largest organ. The epidermis is the thin outer layer. It consists mostly of dead cells that are constantly dying and regenerating. The layers beneath the epidermis are known as the dermis and the subcutaneous fat. Our skin is a beautiful organ and should be taken care of like any other. Unfortunately, if not attended to it mirrors harsh elements of time, UV damage and environmental pollution and it reveals aging. Thin lines, wrinkles, and age spots all appear with time. However, with good skin care, you can slow down the process.

Men simply neglect many important skin care habits that so many women do without thinking. Aesthetic dermatology offers a lot more than meets the eye, with skin products and services for men and women. The most important habit a man can pick up is applying a daily moisturizer with at least an SPF 15, preferably higher. Simply hydrating the skin and protecting against the sun’s rays can make a huge difference. Moisturizers, serums, and emollients hydrate your skin, improving the barrier that defends against toxins and germs.

The sun’s harmful UV rays do a lot of damage to the skin causing age spots and wrinkles. With the proper UV broad spectrum protection, you can slow down that process. Men also tend to wash their face with any soap available. A lot of times, soaps intended for the body can leave a residue and strip the skin of important lipids and ceramides needed, especially on delicate facial and neck skin. In addition, men with sensitive skin may end up with rashes and dry spots that lead to itching and burning.

Shaving is another aspect of men’s health that may be hurting the skin. If you have sensitive skin or shave every day, you may be getting a clean appearance but also irritating your epidermis. Those dollar cans of shaving gel are full of chemicals, fragrances and harsh ingredients that can be replaced with better quality shaving options.

Look for a product that offers shea butter or natural oils as an alternative. Also, consider shaving less often. The five o’clock shadow look is much more attractive when it is touched up. Perhaps you can sport a different look every couple of days to save your skin some irritation and excess exfoliation.

When men hear the word, “cosmetic” they seem to want to run in the opposite direction. Truth be told, there are many procedures that can enhance and improve a man’s youthful appearance. Botox, or as we like to slang-term it, “Bro-tox”, is a great option for getting rid of frown, forehead and eye lines. Hair restoration is another great option for thinning locks or receding hairline. And believe it or not, a large number of men have taken full advantage of the benefits of laser hair removal. Cosmetic dermatology offers several options for men’s skin and hair health. If this is something you are interested in, contact us today for your consultation and treatment plan. Most of our procedures are done within 30 minutes and require no downtime so you can get right back to your routine.